Copia’s technology allows businesses to safely donate their excess food, access enhanced tax deductions,
and receive powerful data to inform food purchasing decisions.



Food waste and hunger are inextricably linked issues, and San Francisco based Copia has developed the world’s first end-to-end solution that addresses both. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, and other businesses with food use Copia’s technology to understand overproduction trends and reduce surplus over time, while ensuring that excess food is used to its highest and best potential — to feed people in need.



Copia, part of the Y-Combinator Winter 2016 cohort, received a $1.5m seed round and was looking to scale. Between needing to have investor-ready financials, establishing organizational infrastructure, growing the team and hitting sales milestones the roadmap to success was on the shoulders of existing internal resources. The team was stretched thin and leaders were unable to tackle high level priorities that were being put to the backburner.

How IntelliStack Developed and Implemented a Solution

IntelliStack came in with a solutions-focused, analytical eye of the organization. Choke points in process and growth were identified. Technology and labor resources were implemented to solve financial, HR and sales challenges.


From the time Copia started working with IntelliStack in 2019, the startup was able to:

  • Simplify pricing to increase SMB conversions
  • Focus sales efforts on key enterprise accounts 
  • Closed $350k in new enterprise and SMB accounts
  • Solve pending government compliance issues
  • Collect on $75k of outstanding unpaid customer invoices
  • Present clear historical financials and forecasts to investors for a
    2020 Series A round of funding
  • Grew the team to 54 high performing employees and contractors
  • Create a defined roadmap for future targets and organizational goals

IntelliStack Team and Roles

Peter Hubshman - CFO/FP&A

Krystle Ellis - Controller

Dan Hakim - Staffing & HR Leader

Christopher Whitehead - Sales Leader