Build a pipeline
that drives revenue

We create unique outbound sales strategies, craft personalized multi-touch sequences, handle responses, and book appointments directly to your calendar.


IntelliStack powers your growth as an extension of your team. Our experienced Sales Managers and BDRs project your culture, vision and value proposition with concise outbound messaging and targeted lead data sourcing to align with your revenue goals.

We aim to be your go-to lead generation team when you:

  • Raise a new funding round and need to boost the lead pipeline quickly
  • Are not seeing results from your existing sales process and need a fresh set of eyes on strategy & execution

Automate outbound sales in 3 simple steps


Refine your target market

Determine common traits for companies you want to target. Map multiple gate keeper & decision maker personas.

Develop value driven sequences

Prioritize your sales workflow process & personalize communications

optimize your results

Multiple subject lines, messaging, send times & CTAs to optimize and A/B test what works in real-time.

Feed your pipeline with fresh leads.