Who We Are

We are a team of experts passionate about startup success


Slava Heretz

Founder & CEO

Slava brings leadership experience to high velocity finance, accounting, full cycle recruiting and HR teams. Slava knows the challenges startups face when it comes to building and managing high-performance teams, financial models and building Class A brands. With over seven years experience, Slava and Intelli's clients have raised nearly $250m in VC/Angel funding while seeing tremendous YoY growth.
When not working, Slava loves to travel, scope out unique culinary experiences and discover new tech. He lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and obnoxious cat. If there is a restaurant he hasn't tried, tell him about it. He already wants to go.
Dan Profile Photo

Dan Hakim

Director of Staffing & HR Operations

With an exceptionally personable and approachable disposition, he is well-suited to excel in all areas of the business, both nurturing & growing current relationships as well as bringing on new clients. His broad skill set allows him to  thrive in the placement of executive, sales, technology, administrative, marketing, hospitality & accounting professionals. With sincere interest in the stories and needs of both clients & candidates, Dan is on a mission to restore humanity to the staffing world.

Outside of work, he enjoys raising his small army of 5 children with his wife, spending time in the outdoors, and playing any sport he can find time to fit into his schedule (which is basically none).


Peter Hubshman

Head of Financial Products

Peter Hubshman is a corporate finance professional who has focused on startups for more than 20 years as a principal, senior consultant, and startup executive. Successful startups he has worked with include Creditcards.com, BoatSetter.com, shop.com, luggage.com, Itopia.com, DanasBakery.com, TheDroneRacingLeague.com, and others. Mr. Hubshman has successful public and private equity funding experience. He has a Masters in Public and Private Management from the Yale University School of Management, and a BA in Economics from Tufts University.